Top Tips And Advice For Training Your Dog


Pack Leaders control feeding times. They eat first and show their position in the pack this way. When it is time to feed your dog, you can communicate non-verbally to your dog that you (and the rest of your family) are the pack leaders by eating first. If it is not your normal meal time then you can eat a biscuit, or if you are more health conscious then eat a carrot. The important point is that your dog sees you eat first and then you can immediately give your dog their meal. Once you give your dog their meal then you can walk away as you have communicated to them that you are the pack leader as you have eaten first and given them permission when to eat.

Territorial behaviour

If your dog sees himself as the leader then you will find him being very territorial around your home. He may even be territorial around you. A pack of dogs in the wild are extremely territorial and they will protect their “den” at all costs. As your dog is a pack animal, it is in their DNA to behave in this way if they are the pack leader. They take this role very seriously and it can be quite stressful. Think how good it would be for your dog to not have this protective role to play and how good it would be for you to have a happy relaxed dog around visitors in your home.

Leadership and the walk

Always wait until your Dog is calm before going out for a walk. If your dog gets excited and jumps up then just put the lead back down and go and sit down. You could pick up the lead several times a day and just carry it around and then put it back down. This way your dog will not always assume he is going for a walk every time you pick up their lead. You will find that after practising this for a while your dog will be calm when you put the lead on them.

Very important – You always go out of the door first. This then naturally puts you in the leadership position and your dog is then the follower.

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